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Warmly congratulate Chen on Shandong Taishan industry leader talent project

Recently, according to the relevant provisions of Taishan industry leader talent project, Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial people's Hall and other units in charge issued a 2016 Taishan industry leader candidate preliminary announcement, Heze High-tech Zone declared good strong, Chen Chengwen 4 Famous, the number of selected new highs.
Since the start of the project, the Heze High-tech Zone has made great efforts to promote the innovation and development of the industry, to enhance the visibility and influence, to build up talents, and to build up the talent and project, in strict accordance with the policies and regulations and working requirements. , An important corporate brand work, pay close attention to, and made significant progress and breakthrough. Among them, the Shandong Yellow River Kiln Ceramics Museum Co., Ltd. is a good strong chairman of Heze City, the only type of industrial skills selected, general manager of Shandong Guorun Biopharmaceutical Chen Chengwen, general manager of Shandong New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Liu Bangwu, Heze in Xiamen Electronics Co., Ltd. Liu Qian, general manager of the company selected technology start-ups, accounting for the city's total number of science and technology selected 60%. According to the project arrangement, for the selected industry skills class, to give 500,000 yuan in funding grants and other support, selected science and technology entrepreneurship category, to 100 million -500 million in funding.
It is reported that Taishan industry leader talent project, from 2015 to 2020, Shandong Province, all kinds of enterprises, parks, industrial bases, etc., based on the introduction of training at home and abroad about 1,000 "high-tech" industry leaders, agglomeration Forming a team of about 1,000 industrial talents, including six projects of high-efficiency eco-agriculture innovation, traditional industry innovation, strategic emerging industry innovation, modern service industry and social livelihood industry innovation class, science and technology entrepreneurship and industry skills.

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